Music Crowdfunding Sites

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Music crowdfunding sites, music-friendly crowdfunding platforms and direct-to-fan sponsorship sites:

Rewards-Based, Patronage, Direct-to-Fan


Bandtwango – For Country Music Artists

Crowdfunder – Projects and Causes – Public School Classroom Needs

Fig – Games, Now part of Republic

GoFundMe – Personal Projects

Indiegogo – Projects

Kickstarter – Projects

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank – Creative and Innovative Projects

Oneplanetcrowd – Nederland Crowdfunding

Patreon – Ongoing Support for Creators

PledgeMe – Creative Projects in New Zealand

Pozible – Creative Projects

PPL – Crowdfunding Portugal

QRATES – Vinyl Projects

SHOW4ME – Music Interaction Network

wemakeit – Crowdfunding for Creative Ideas

Wishberry – Projects in India

Zoomaal – Projects in the Arab World

Concert Crowdfunding

MyMusicTaste – Crowdsourcing Live Events

SHOW4ME – Music Interaction Network

Crowd Investing

PERDIEM – Buy and Sell Shares in Music

Equity Crowdfunding

MicroVentures – Regulation CF

SeedInvest – Startup Investing Simplified

Seedrs – Invest in Businesses You Believe In

Start Engine – Investment Opportunities

WeFunder – Invest In Startups You Love

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Audius – Decentralized Audio Distribution, Attribution & Monetization

Brave Browser – Creator Rewards, Also BAT Community

Cent – Where Culture Meets Income

DLive – Live Streaming

Go To Hear – Crowd-driven Music Platform

Money Button – Simple Payment System

Musicoin – Streaming Indie Music

OpenBazaar – Free Online Marketplace

Peakd Communities – Part of Hive

Pledgecamp – Decentralized Ecosystem of Next-Generation Crowfunding

The Pop Network – Stream. Seed. Earn.

Steemit:Music – Crypto For Content

Ujo Music – Connecting Artists and Fans Using Ethereum

Viewly – Post Videos, Earn Crypto

YouNow – Live Stream Video Chat

Yours: Music – Create Value, Earn Bitcoin