Concert Crowdfunding and Music Monetization Hub Show4me Updates Service, Releases Mobile App

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Show4me Music Experience

Show4me Music Interaction Network started as a concert crowdfunding platform to help musicians and concert promoters put together concerts without financial and reputational risks. The platform evolved into a music network where musicians, bands, and their representatives could monetize music in a number of ways and increase their profit streams.

As the global pandemic hit in 2020, the platform offered online concert ticketing and streaming – first as an integrated streaming, and then as its own, built-in livestreaming.

And now Show4me is coming up with the biggest update since 2019 – a complete redesign, mobile app for Android and iOS, charts, closed concerts, more tipping options, and more interaction options.

Let’s take a closer look:


Now Show4me team will help fans discover music and find the tracks they love by including a selection of albums and tracks.

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Mobile app

In a brand new Show4me mobile app, music fans will be able to consume ad-free, music-only content from their favorite creators – listen to music, watch online shows, support their favorite musicians.

Get the app in AppStore or Google Play

Closed concerts

The platform is also introducing a fully private online event format to enable musicians and band to take full advantage of online event ticketing.


Previously, Show4me enabled tipping when buying a music album (or EP/single) and now the option is also available for premium Artistclub memberships. Fans can pay $1 (or choose to pay more to support the artist) and get full access to the Artistclub they subscribe to, including unlimited music listening and DMs to the artist/band.

More interaction

Show4me is also introducing a sought-after feature of commenting during the online events to help musicians interact with the audience during the show.

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Final thoughts

Show4me is keeping the concert crowdfunding mechanism for both live and online events on the platform. Musicians add their show’s minimum budget to their concert campaign and set up ticket prices to cover that or more, and the show can be confirmed by the artist once it reaches its Confirmation point, i.e. the minimum budget set for the event. This way both online and offline events on Show4me can be loss-free and only happen if they make financial sense for the team behind the event.

Tickets to any shows that do not meet their minimum budgets are fully refunded to the contributors.

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