Bandtwango Fan Powers Country Music Fan Membership Subscription Service

Bandtwango is the leading, if not the only, crowdfunding platform for country musicians and singer/songwriters.

They recently announced Bandtwango Fan, a new service designed to connect musicians and fans on an ongoing basis.

Here’s what they had to say about their new service:

Bandtwango Launches BandtwangoFan: A New Monthly Membership Subscription Service For Music Artists

Under the Bandtwango brand, we have formally launched BandtwangoFan, a new membership subscription platform for music artists. BandtwangoFan lets fans donate to their favorite acts on a recurring or one-time basis. The goal is to allow artists to generate a steady income to help support their careers, while offering exclusive incentives for those fans who donate. This service enables us to compete with other subscription based models, while still being able to offer the larger campaigns/projects on the Bandtwango platform.

All an artist has to do to get started is simply fill out our form and create their own “fanpage”, that’s it. We provide the platform and unlimited support to help each artist succeed.

We take a straight 5% fee + processing fee, and the rest goes directly to the artist. We pay out on a monthly basis, once the account hits $50. It’s very streamlined and straightforward.

After years of running a successful country music crowdfunding platform, we understand how to utilize technology to help artists navigate this ever-evolving landscape. To learn more or to create your own BandtwangoFan fanpage, please visit: We believe we can see where the music industry is headed and crowdfunding is one avenue artists can use to make sure they can afford to be a part of it!

About Bandtwango:

Bandtwango is the revolutionary premier crowdfunding and artist development startup that helps country musicians and singer/songwriters work with their fanbase to achieve their career goals. We make it possible for artists of all levels of experience to fund their next album, tour, or charitable initiative. Bandtwango offers artists access to an expansive network of industry contacts and provides fans with exclusive experiences in exchange for their support.

For more information, please visit BandtwangoFan & Bandtwango’s website.