Show4me Introduces Ticketing for Paid Online House Concerts, Suspends Fees For “Duration of the Crisis”


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(London) – Show4me Music Interaction Network launches a new functionality of online concerts to enable musicians to put together and play paid shows from their homes. The network allows musicians and bands to sell tickets to their online shows, making up for lost income in the current crisis. Show4me also gives up its fees for the duration of the crisis.

Show4me’s new online show functionality allows musicians to fan-fund their online shows and host them in their Artist clubs on Show4me. An Artist club for a musician or a band is free to create and maintain. Musicians can interact with their fans there, share news, sell music and show tickets.

With online shows, tickets will be available for sale both before and during the live stream. The fans will be able to buy general admission tickets, as well as tickets that include merch, tutoring sessions or other perks that can help their favorite musician make a living off their art during the current crisis and without either leaving their homes.

While the network is free to use, success-based fees apply to profit made by musicians on the platform. However, for the duration of the ongoing health crisis, starting April 2, 2020, musicians will receive both their own profit plus Show4me fees when withdrawing funds from their accounts. This way, all profit made off music on Show4me goes directly to musicians. This fee-free period is tentatively set to end June 7th.

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Show4me Musician’s Profile

“We sincerely hope the pandemic will end soon. And while we cannot help defeat the virus, but we find ourselves in a position to make our contribution to helping musicians and their teams. In the music business, thousands have lost gigs and other sources of income due to the crisis,” comments company CEO Karén Chiftalaryan.

“We hope musicians and bands can leverage our new online show functionality to boost their depleted income during this challenging time. And, of course, we have given up our own fees to help musicians access the full financial contributions of their fans for the next two months,” he continues.

About Show4me

Show4me is a music interaction network where musicians can run their music business as a complete cycle – from interacting with fans and building their music brand and fanbase to selling music and monetizing their brand via Artist club subscriptions or crowdfunding.

Fans can support musicians on Show4me by getting premium subscriptions to the musicians’ Artist clubs ($1/year per Artist club), buying their music (albums, singles, EPs), or contributing to their music and concert (including online and with an open date) crowdfunding campaigns.

Founded in 2015, Show4me has celebrated its fifth anniversary in January. The company has so far raised $13.4M in investments, joined several professional unions, like Music Business Association (US), and got high-profile media mentions, including Forbes, Music Business Worldwide, Digital Music News, American Songwriter.

Over 10,000 musicians and music industry professionals have signed up to the network as of April 2020.

For more information about the online concerts, visit our blog.

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