Massive Music Crowdfunding and Direct-to-Fan Roundup: News, Tips & Services

“Patreon Panel – How to Get Fans”

I haven’t done any roundups of music crowdfunding or direct-to-fan news in a while. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been bookmarking for months including some tips pieces and info on new services.



PledgeMusic founder Benji Rogers is one of the more inspiring individuals in the direct-to-fan scene and is a compelling interviewee:

Mixergy – How Benji Rogers is revolutionizing the music industry with PledgeMusic
Appetizer Radio – Episode 8: Benji Rogers

MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE from Bas Grasmeyer is a new music/tech/direct-to-fan email newsletter I highly recommend.

I’ve mentioned it before but The Coyle Report is another invaluable newsletter for DIY, direct-to-fan music news.

I also relaunched Music Biz Blogs to gather headlines from a number of industry blogs. Typepad’s having problems at the moment but check back to keep up with news relevant to DIY and indie music artists.



The CrowdfundingHub recently released a free report on the state of crowdfunding in Europe with information on 27 different countries.

Work management software creator Wrike has published a guide to top crowdfunding sites by niche and a crowdfunding campaign checklist both in infographic form.

Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes provides insights on crowdfunding campaign taxes.

From the Reverse Psychology Department at Digital Music News:
How to Destroy Your Crowdfunding Campaign In 12 Easy Steps.

D Grant Smith shares some lessons learned from his successful crowdfunding campaign.

Once you’ve successfully raised funds, Fulfillrite is a service that specializes in crowdfunding rewards fulfillment.

Launch and Release reviews crowdfunding marketing tool Green Inbox’s Facebook messaging feature.

New Music Crowdfunding Platforms

Angels Like Rebels is a hybrid crowdfunding and crowdmarketing platform with a label component though artists maintain ownership of their music. They completed their first funding round last fall and are gearing up for another in September.

The Rudimental is a new “crowdfunding portal for artists” using the Ethereum “blockchain app platform.” Here’s some coverage.

TapTape is an experimental crowdfunding platform that includes additional rewards if artists make a profit. It launched back in October. Here’s a press release with more info.

TempoTrader offers a unique approach to trading streaming subscriptions that are offered in limited number. Sort of a stock market for streaming subs as a scarcity item.

Crowdfunding Concerts and Festivals

Music event and festival management software creator BeatSwitch recently released The Ultimate Toolkit for Crowdfunding Festivals.

Show4Me is a new concert crowdfunding platform that began with concert ticket pledging.

Earlier this year Samphire Festival 2016 was successfully funded on Crowdfunder.

Concert crowdfunding platform MyMusicTaste successfully raised a $10 million A round in January.

Equity Crowdfunding

8tracks is crowdfunding an equity round of $30+ million at SeedInvest.

The crowdfunding campaign to port Rock Band 4 to PC is a FAIL.

Dj-centric live streaming platform Chew successfully funded an equity round on Seedrs.


Kickstarter has developed a variety of resources for creators including a directory of fulfillment service providers, a place to chat with other creators called Campus and a Creator Handbook with guidance on all stages of a campaign.

Kickstarter also added Recommendations to aid in campaign discovery.

Behind the Music Projects features Kickstarter resources especially for music crowdfunders.


Indiegogo introduces preorders for products to continue raising money after your campaign is a success with Indiegogo InDemand and support sales after you’ve released your album or related merch on Marketplace.

Indiegogo shares a Crowdfunding Campaign Prep Calendar in 3 parts:
A Pre-Launch Guide For Successful Campaigns
30 Days From Launch
Launching and Managing Your Campaign

Secret Perks is a new Indiegogo feature to add another level of surprise and delight to your campaign.



Owning Your Audience: Building a Direct-to-Fan Strategy in 2016 is a new white paper from Fame House available as a free pdf.

Guster’s Brian Rosenworcel discusses how they connect with their fans in all sorts of creative ways.

Why should anyone apologize for a fanbase of teenage girls?

Is the Japanese pop star machinery exploiting superfans?

Fullscreen bought fan club creator StageBloc to power its “direct to fan platform” Fullscreen Direct.

Kickstarter bought direct-to-fan streaming service Drip.

New Direct-to-Fan Services and Platforms

Start your own mobile fanclub with Triber. Here’s some background.

Former Reddit exec Dan McComas is developing Imzy, a platform for content creators to build fan communities and monetize through tips and eventually other possiblities such as merch sales.

Bkstg is a “curated platform for established artists to get closer to their fans.” It sounds interesting but I get a big budget feel off the description and lack of pricing info.

CASH Music recently released Version 9 which introduces your own direct-to-fan store.

Subwoofr is a new service for creating musician’s websites with a variety of direct-to-fan features.

Artglider’s CD Producer offers CD fulfillment on demand.

WordPress Direct-to-Fan Tools

Peepso is a new social network plugin for WordPress that looks quite promising if you’re interested in hosting your own social fanclub.

Membership plugin iThemes Exchange introduces content dripping.

OptinMonster has been upgrading their plugin and they now offer a Content Lock requiring an email to unlock content.

BitTorrent Bundle

The 2015 BitTorrent Report focuses on their Bundle publisher network which “grew by 50%, with more than 30,000 creators using Bundle to connect with passionate fans from around the world.”

In a new hire announcement BitTorrent reveals that they are upgrading their Bundle distribution platform this summer with a “refresh…that will introduce ad supported streaming through mobile apps.”

In December BitTorrent announced a partnership with The FADER for digital distribution.


Chandler Coyle compares the value of a PledgeMusic pre-order campaign to an iTunes only release.

NoiseTrade Premiere is a new service from PledgeMusic’s NoiseTrade that offers an advanced album stream in exchange for an email and zip code. Here’s more on its debut.

PledgeMusic recently appointed former Caroline president Dominic Pandiscia as new CEO and WMG vet Paula Woollatt as head of UK/EUR manufacturing and fulfillment.


Early this year Patreon raised $30 million to grow their creator patronage platform.

Keith Hatschek, director of the Music Management Program at University of the Pacific gives a nice overview of how Patreon works for creatives.

The Patreon blog features Peter Hollens discussing how to Create An Engaged Fan Base.

In addition, Patreon recently convened a panel on The Art of Getting Fans. (see above video)

Patreon launched a new creator page and shared tips on building and launching your creator page.

Patreon also explains how to get featured and choosing between monthly or per-creation funding.



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