Playmoss Launches Direct-To-Fan Subscription Service For Musicians & Music Companies

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A Press Release from Playmoss:

Playmoss presents a service that allows labels, artists and promoters to create subscription clubs for their followers. The web and app become an integral community designed so that a professional can offer digital music, physical products such as records or merchandise and even experiences, such as concerts or tickets for member only events.

1. Subscription by Playmoss

Be the first to listen to unreleased material by your favourite producer in digital format, get a pack of the latest vinyl releases from your favourite label or take advantage of special offers to get into sessions by your favourite DJ when they are in town, all of this is now possible with a simple click of your mouse.

Playmoss, the web tool and app that allows you to make playlists with links to YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Bandcamp, has just launched a subscription account PRO(S), designed so that artists, labels, clubs and festivals can have a site on which to offer their followers physical and digital material, released or unreleased; as well as unique experiences and merchandise.

The idea originated from the artists’ complaints about the limited revenue derived from streaming, despite having thousands of fans on their social networks. With the new business model proposed by Playmoss, if only 1% of the artists’ fans registered for a 2€ or 3€ subscription, the artist would make more than they would from all the streaming channels put together. This does not mean that it is an alternative to platforms such as Spotify, but a complementary source of income.

In exchange for a periodic fee, which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually, the user will be able to subscribe directly to the label, artist or promoter of their choice and on the one hand receive special material and on the other give their direct support to the label, artist, club or festival. Playmoss has designed two models for the (PRO) subscription account: the digital- for material that is in the online universe and in streaming- and the physical and digital – that includes physical material from the entity, be it in the form of vinyls or merchandise.

Although the models are pre-established, each music entity will be able to tailor the model according to its needs. The (PRO) subscription account is a genuine win-win, as the fan has direct access to advantages and unreleased material, among other opportunities, and the label, artists, clubs and festivals are in direct contact with their most devoted fans.

2. What is Playmoss?

Where do you keep the songs that you find on Facebook, on your favourite music blog or on your usual streaming platforms? Playmoss is a tool and app that allows you to gather YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Bandcamp tracks on one single place, and to play them one after the other. It is also possible to organise the links on playlists, not only for your personal use, but also to share with friends and anybody else with similar musical tastes. This environment is ideal for creating a community of music-lovers like the one that is evolving everyday around Playmoss.

Throughout 2015 and the early months of 2016, the effectiveness of Playmoss has been amply demonstrated not only among music-lovers, but also in online magazines and festivals. Thanks to the PRO accounts, this type of entity can get an embed code that allows them to embed playlists on their webs and also to share them on their social networks in order to illustrate the contents of the article or the line up of a festival with sound. Magazines such as Inverted Audio, Rockets, Fused, Brain and Remezcla; newspapers including El País; clubs such as Nitsa and Razzmatazz; and renowned festivals including Sónar, Piknic Électronik and DGTL are already habitual users of this tool.

3. New features

Since the birth of the 2.0 version in 2015, Playmoss has not stopped making improvements to the tool. One of the main novelties at a usability level has been the incorporation of a widget, an extension for Chrome, that allows one to add tracks directly from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud when you navigate in Chrome. This small application facilitates the incorporation of tracks from your favourite platforms on the playlist of your choice without having to change screen.

But, one of the most visible changes that Playmoss has undergone is the new design of the playlists, made to improve usability. This transformation also boosts the social aspect of the tool as it is now possible to see the top listeners of a playlist, as well as to leave comments and see the users who have liked it. The new look makes Playmoss the perfect tool to play “audio and video playlists”, as the new layout gives greater importance to the visual contents of YouTube and Vimeo, and to the right of every playlist there is another one of related recommended listening.

4. Good Fridays, a Playmoss trademark

Some Playmoss sections, such as Good Fridays, have become their trademark. It is a weekly playlist released every Friday on which a DJ, band or producer creates a list with a selection of between 10 and 15 songs that they would love to listen to on a Friday. Some of the artists who best represent the Playmoss spirit – such as Bonobo, Dj Koze, Jennifer Cardini, Lindstrøm, Modeselektor, Simian Mobile Disco, Red Axes, Matías Aguayo, El Guincho, Moon Duo, Simian Mobile Disco, Floating Points, Franz Ferdinand, Kiasmos and Chromeo, among many others – have already endorsed this tool by creating playlists for this section.

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