Music Biz Blogs Relaunches Featuring Crowdfunding For Musicians Plus 33 More Music Business Blogs

Music Biz Blogs is a fairly simple site I launched years ago that features a combined feed of music business blogs that indie and DIY musicians should find quite useful.

Today, in addition to checking the blog list¬†to see who’s still active, I relaunched the site with a responsive design that is easy to use on smartphones. That’s long overdue and should make the site a lot more useful.

It’s a one-page site that also has a blog search engine which¬†includes all the old sites that are not currently posting but have great content plus an RSS feed and email newsletter. The newsletter provides a daily roundup of music business blog posts.

If you have or know of a music industry blog that features news or advice, publishes regularly and has a working RSS feed, let me know at:



Thumbnail image: “the audience is shaking” courtesy Martin Fisch.