QRATES.com: A Dedicated Crowdfunding Platform For The Vinyl Industry

Guest Post and Infographic from QRATES.

Vinyl is an experience, all vinyl collectors know it, and it’s making a huge comeback.

Sales have been growing faster than any other format in recent years. 11.92 million units were sold in the US in 2015, which is equal to 30% growth from 2014. Needless to say, it’s a valuable format to release your music on for artists.

Meanwhile, the debate about artist’s revenues in the digital age rages on.

According to Geoff Taylor BPI Chief Executive, “UK vinyl revenues were worth more than the 14bn music streams on YouTube in 2014’’. In the US last year, we already know that vinyl sales contributed more to the music industry than Spotify free, YouTube and VEVO combined. Vinyl also is 30% of all physical units shipped in the US in 2015. Yet it’s just 7% of the physical market share. (That’s a lot of room for growth!!!)


QRATES is a funding platform dedicated for the vinyl industry. With their online tools, artists, labels and brands can easily make vinyl records and have it shipped directly to their fans. Funding your vinyl pressing project on QRATES makes pressing vinyl completely risk-free.

The main difference between QRATES and other music crowdfunding platforms is that it is a dedicated to serve the vinyl industry. On the site, anyone can click through the 3D simulator to quickly design their 7″, 10″, 12″ record with various color, pressing and shipping options. Once an account is created, users are able to launch their funding or pre-order projects within minutes.

QRATES can also bring crowdfunding to record stores with its newly launched Store Delivery service. Record stores will be able to buy and help fund any vinyl releases on QRATES’ site, and have them pressed and delivered right to their door. QRATES has already signed up a global network of 200 record stores including Juno in the UK, HMV records, Technique and Jet Set in Japan with plans to up this to 1000 by 2018.

How do artists, labels and stores join?

If you are an artist or a label, create a free account here.

If you are a store and would like to join the store delivery network contact us here.

For more info: info@qrates.com.