Musikee: A Free Street Team Platform For Musicians

team-musikee“Team Musikee In A Playful Moment”

More direct-to-fan news with a guest post from Musikee:

Musikee is a new direct-to-fan platform where bands and musicians involve their fans in online and offline promotional activities in exchange for exclusive rewards.

“Crowdfunding is cool”, said Daniele Ghidoli, CEO and cofounder of Musikee, “but there are many ways fans can support their favourite artists besides money. What about actions?”

Fans already do all sorts of promotional actions on their own: they share links, videos and photos on social media, suggest music to friends, upload content about concerts. So why not guide them through focused activities that are really useful for artist promotion?

On Musikee any band, musician, management agency or label can create a street team and submit “missions” to their fans. They collect credits by completing these activities and use them to get rewards from artists.

Maxx Danziger, drummer of Set It Off, an American punk rock band that is using Musikee, said: “With Musikee it’s cool to see that there’s a way to connect with your band or fans. It’s fun cause it’s almost like a game. Musikee accomplishes all that. I wish I had Musikee when I was younger and I was following my favorite band.”

You can think about Musikee as action-based crowdfunding: instead of giving rewards for money, artists give away rewards in exchange for hard work and great help in promotion.

But there is another main difference: a classic crowdfunding campaign is run for a limited time and you lose all the engagement when it ends. Instead, Musikee lets you set up a community where fans return every day to engage, discuss, comment and do missions. You do not ever lose them and you can reach them anytime you need. As long as you make interesting rewards available, of course.

Every community has its own rewards section where fans can choose from all sorts of items: signed merchandising, Meet&Greets, guestlists, VIP tickets, digital downloads, social follows by the artists. You can decide to give them away for credits, but you can also mix credits with money. For example, the same t-shirt that is sold on your ecommerce site for $40 could also be sold on Musikee for 200 credits plus $30. Your fans can have a discount by completing promotional missions.

Moreover, Musikee let you discover your Superfans, thanks to the leaderboard, updated for every action your fans take. Who will be the #1 fan?

Create your community for free with two clicks and invite your fans to work by your side!