A New Platform For Musicians And The Arts

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In 2012 the team created for jazz distribution. They learned a lot about music distribution and what artists and musicians need to continue making great art and music, a concrete way to share their creative vision by enabling fans to participate in the creative process.

In 2015 they decided to create a niche crowdfunding platform for all the arts where, unlike the larger platforms, they don’t get lost in the noise of thousands of campaigns.

Niche platforms can create a network and logistics service that directly connects users to create a new type of niche specific experience that enables them to not just sell directly to fans, but also to share their world in a way where we can know them. Bonds are created, trust is created.

They Create Close Knit Communities

Niche crowdfunding platforms tend to focus on a common interest that their users want to share. As a result users tend to be very supportive and contribute more to campaigns. Campaigns are able to feed off of the popularity of one another rather than just competing.

Campaign Funding Success Rates

The fact is that niche crowdfunding platforms have a much higher success rate. Some film niche crowdfunding platforms have a success rate as high as 69% and raise an average of $14,700 as compared to Kickstarter’s just 40.2% and average funds raised of $12,878. (Information supplied by is just such a platform specific to the Arts – Crowdfunding for the Arts.

Given these simple powerful arguments for why niche platforms are so successful they felt the arts and specifically musicians should be a part of that.

“Being an artist and musician, and leader of several musical groups, I know how important it is to be able to raise funds to realize any artistic venture,” says Timothy Booth CEO and owner of, and leader of the Toronto Art Orchestra.

“I’ve also heard time and time again how it is getting harder to get sponsorship or government grants. We created to help artists with this very problem. is a crowdfunding platform that’s cheaper for users, and unlike some of the main crowdfunding platforms, is solely dedicated to the arts – in all disciplines.”

“I know personally the kind of work it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, therefore, we provide a much larger set of tools than most to create success. Join us in our passion to promote the Arts and its value to society and the economy while also creating a community who shares and participates in the creative process.” also provides info on crowdfunding best practices and techniques to share your campaign on platforms that increase your social reach, getting out to a larger crowd than just your family and friends. This is known in the industry as social reach amplification. is also in the process of setting up and creating a crowdfunding school to help artists and musicians learn and execute effective and engaging campaigns. – the latest crowdfunding platform that creates community and harnesses the power of social reach.