Expand Your Music Crowdfunding Campaign With Event Ideas From Eventbrite

eventbrite-logoWhile crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has a long history of sharing tips and insights, the idea of Eventbrite helping you out may be a surprise. But events are a big part of a musician’s life and, even if you’re not funding a concert, events are likely to be a part of your crowdfunding campaign.

In a guest post for Indiegogo’s blog Eventbrite suggested event ideas for every stage of your campaign.

Launching Your Campaign – Host a kick-off event:

Let your contributors meet the faces and names behind your work.

Enlist your network to raise funds on the spot.

During Your Campaign – Use live events as perks:

Throw exclusive events and treat contributors like VIPs.

Give your contributors an inside look at where their dollars are going.

Host a creatively-themed event that ties to your campaign.

After Your Campaign – Throw an event to show the impact of your campaign:

Host a wrap party and incorporate tangible examples of the impact your contributors’ dollars have had.

In the post, “How to Use Events to Bring Your Crowdfunding Campaign to Life,” Eventbrite goes into detail about each concept. But here’s a puzzler for you to consider:

While performing your music may be the obvious thing to do at a crowdfunding-related event, what other kinds of performances might you stage involving fellow musicians, performers, friends and supporters?

Even your band mates probably have some performance skills that they don’t get to display in your regular concerts. Expand your thinking while building your community of support through entertaining events!