7 Research-Based Tips For Your Music Crowdfunding Campaign From Indiegogo

IGG_Logo_Window-Protest-The-Hero_RGB-display-302cedc00f18c705219a59b4ea536981Indiegogo has a long history of sharing great tips and insights relevant to music crowdfunding. Recently they revealed “7 Key Crowdfunding Stats” drawn from 100,000 crowdfunding campaigns on their platform. In addition to a great post with tips based on the stats, they’ve also released an illuminating infographic shown below.

7 Tips For Your Music Crowdfunding Campaign

1. 30 day campaigns work best

2. Keep your campaign page updated

3. Start strong, finish strong

4. Add new perks after launch

5. Work with a team

6. Include a pitch video

7. Maximize your global reach

For more explanation and insight, see “7 Stats from 100,000 Crowdfunding Campaigns.”