Ratafire: A Free To Use Patronage Platform For Artists And Researchers

Ratafire is a new patronage platform, similar to Patreon in many respects, that launched this year to support both artists and researchers. Ratafire was created by Developer and Founder Fari Liang, who advocates for “The End of the Starving Artist.”

Fari recently shared a statement about Ratafire with Crowdfunding For Musicians readers:

Ratafire – Making Crowdfunding Free and Social

Ratafire is the first free to use on-going crowdfunding site that helps artists and researchers afford the time for creative freedom. “We are making crowdfunding free and social,” said Fari, the founder of Ratafire, “crowdfunding is like building a city, not just setting up a market place.”

If you are looking for a tasteful, unique, yet free and social alternative to Patreon. Ratafire is for you.

As a musician, setting up Ratafire is easy. All you need is to connect your account to PayPal, upload a fund-raising video, link to your existent Facebook fan page, and your Ratafire will be up and running. When your fans support you on Ratafire, they will be charged per month with an amount selected by them if you have updated at least once during the month.

You can also use Ratafire as your alternative to a PayPal donation button, since the service is free. Put our beautifully designed give button on your blog, and enjoy a new level of connection with your fans.

Further more, use Ratafire to connect with your peers. As you log in, you may find some of your Facebook musician friends are already on Ratafire. Go and say hi. Making music together is half of the fun.

New York based concert pianist Sandro Russo is using Ratafire. He said, “Often my recording projects have taken me into areas of the piano literature that are unique, and have been neglected by other interpreters.” As Ratafire is unique for him, it is where you enjoy special, yet high quality artistic creations.

The combination of taste, rationality and sentiment make great music. For me, Ratafire is more than a tool, for it understands the soul of music.

You can find out more about Ratafire via Ratafire Insights on Medium and via their YouTube channel.