Patreon News: Amanda Palmer, Office Tour, 2015 Highlights

“TC Cribs: Patreon Makes Space To Create”

While Ratafire, featured earlier this week on Crowdfunding For Musicians, is a fresh entry in the crowd-patronage space, Patreon is the leading force in helping creators connects with supporters via a unique subscription service. Supporters pledge to make a payment whenever a creator releases new work which can range from a tightly scheduled series of videos to a less regular schedule with more curious offerings.

Amanda Palmer on Patreon

Crowdfunding superstar Amanda Palmer is one of the more well-known participants to join Patreon. She’s doing quite well and is currently receiving “$36,496.64 per thing.” Her Patreon page statement is a good explanation of how the service works for unique artists as well as getting more info on what she’s releasing:

“if you’re a fan of mine and want to support me in the creation of new songs, film clips/music videos, long-form writing and more random, unpredictable art-things (comics? podcasts? random ninja public performances that require a huge budget?…..who knows)….this is your chance.”

“since march, i’ve released about a Thing per month…including two new songs, two beautifully-produced webcasts, and a strange animation. all the content is on a list here.”

Where one finds Amanda Palmer, one finds drama, and in an unfortunate reminder of previous confusion and attacks regarding her crowdfunding activities, concern has been raised about the fact that she might spend some of her income on her latest project, a human being.

Let’s let her explain:

No, I Am Not Crowdfunding This Baby (an open letter to a worried fan)

“How I’m slightly terrified of the oncoming mix of motherhood and art….and how judging and terrifying me further isn’t going to help me.”

She’s much nicer about it than I would ever be. Get a grip people!

Seriously, Patreon isn’t just about funding the art. It’s about funding the artist and that means funding their life if enough funds are raised. That’s part of the beauty of the service.

More Patreon News

In other news, I don’t have a recent update but as of October 2014, creators on Patreon were receiving over $1 million a month. And that’s a lot!

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