Music Crowdfunding News: New Platforms, De La Soul, Ovation’s Contest, Eric Ries

de-la-soul-kickstarterCrowdfunding For Musicians’ list of Music Crowdfunding Sites is now updated with an interesting array of crowdfunding platforms either focused on or friendly to music projects. I’m now including crowd support/subscription platforms like Patreon in the mix and may eventually create a separate list for such services.

A Patreon-like platform called Ratafire is now available with a focus on both creative and research-based projects. I hope to be sharing more soon about this interesting mix of art and science.

In the downtime between my last active period on the site and this return to occasional action, Pos explained “Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter.” This embrace led to an incredibly successful campaign for a group often relegated to the past with the finished album still-to-be released.

RocketHub and Ovation are teaming up on a contest and tv show featuring 3 artists on crowdfunding missions. You have until September 4th to apply at Ovation Creative Studio. Do read the fine print below the application form because it’s a multistage project and campaigns have to fit within their timeline. There’s no mention of the tv show on that page, it’s only discussed in the above linked article, but they do confirm they’re adding $5000 to each of the 3 winning campaigns.

Lean Startup superstar Eric Ries recently invested in a new event crowdfunding platform based in Amsterdam called Live on Demand. Music concerts appear to be a healthy part of the early mix of events.

Audition Trail is a new music crowdfunding platform focused on funding classical music auditions. The site looks incomplete, doesn’t explain itself well and you have to read this article to understand what’s going on. Great idea, weak execution. Let’s hope they figure it out since it sounds like a useful niche for those interested in supporting classical musicians.