95 Crowdfunding Tips From Successful Crowdfunders

95tips-for-crowdfunders-from-crowdfundersCrowdfunder.co.uk recently released a free report featuring “95 Tips For Crowdfunders From Crowdfunders.” A variety of successful crowdfunders inĀ the arts and related creative endeavors share their tips. Many of them are nonprofit organizations. Overall I’d say they’re sharing advice that’s highly relevant to music crowdfunders.

The reality is that different areas find crowdfunding success in different ways. For example, the biggest campaigns seem to cluster around hardware, games and other items that are already designed and are closer to product presales than project support. In the arts the outcomes initially appear a bit more uncertain than a game or bit of gear but, if you follow crowdfunding news, you know that hardware doesn’t always make it through the process of manufacturing and distribution.

That said, this is a great collection of tips that both reaffirm what we’ve been learning about crowdfunding over the last few years with some ideas that haven’t been pushed as strongly in music as they might.

For example, there’s a section on raising support offline which is particularly relevant to many musicians whose biggest audience is primarily local. The section on launching your project includes a comment about holding a launch event which also draws on local support.

While I’ve certainly heard of launch parties for crowdfunding campaigns they tend not to be emphasized in music which is kind of surprising in retrospect. For musicians a launch party or event is something you already know how to do. They bring your local fanbaseĀ out and can be a great way to get some local press beyond what might otherwise be possible.

Launch events can also be a way to move more merch and earlier releases if you’ve gotten to that stage of your career. So they can generate additional funds as well as just being a heck of a good time!

So be sure to download this free report from Crowdfunder.co.uk and see what’s worked for a big group of successful crowdfunders in creative areas.