Money Making Music News: Murder By Death, Bandcamp, The Coyle Report, Google Play Music

murder-by-deathWhile the world obsesses over Taylor Swift and Spotify, DIY and indie musicians have other tools and opportunities available for building revenue streams and connecting with fans. Murder By Death are just getting started but they’ve already beaten their last crowdfunding campaign. Bandcamp is now offering subscription options for musicians. The Coyle Report has info on best practices for music merch sales. And Google Play Music is reaching some countries, and possibly some of your fans, that neither iTunes nor Spotify are serving.

Murder By Death Passes $150k Kickstarter Goal In 2 Days

A couple of years back Murder By Death ran a Kickstarter campaign for “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon” and received over $187,000 in response to their $100,000 goal. I spoke with singer Adam Turla about that campaign and he shared some advice.

Now they’re back with a new album campaign on Kickstarter and it only took 2 days to exceed their goal of $150,000 with pledges of a little over $160,000.

It will be interesting to see how fans respond now since the campaign runs till December 5. Once you’ve hit your stated goal it can be difficult to go any further. That’s likely why PledgeMusic sees more money raised by bands who don’t state the specific goal or the money raised, just the percentage raised. They say it leads to higher participation and pledges.

Bandcamp Now Offers Subscription Services

Lots of interesting details in the Bandcamp subscription news. I assume, now that it’s out of beta, that they have info for musicians on the backend but they seem to be focusing on the media at the moment in terms of public presentation.

In related news, I don’t know how widespread this is but both Mr. Lif and Wild Moth are among musicians recently putting their back catalog on Bandcamp.

I’ve seen some fairly clueless criticisms of the subscription service based more on the concerns of artists who aren’t on Bandcamp. But for artists who are really focused on Bandcamp, like those putting their back catalog’s up, it’s another solid step in building a service that supports DIY and indie artists going direct-to-fan without having to buy into larger services that aren’t always well-designed for smaller fry.

The Coyle Report: Best Practices for Merch

Chandler Coyle has a free ebook on NoiseTrade. It combines a group of articles by Coyle and transcripts from videos of an interview by Berklee’s Mike King with PledgeMusic’s Benji Rogers focusing on “best practices for band/artist merchandise.”

And if you’re serious about direct-to-fan approaches to this music career building obsession that seems to be taking over your life, you should sign up for The Coyle Report’s free email newsletter.

Google Play Music Reaching Countries iTunes and Spotify Do Not

If you want to be global, you’ve got to be available all over the globe! Looks like Google Play Music is helping with that:

“Yesterday, Google unveiled a new list of countries that can access its Google Play music store, including Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, and Slovenia.”

iTunes is not available in Iceland. Spotify is not available in Croatia. Neither are available in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Macedonia.

Musicians: Get your music on Google Play