Crowdfunding For Musicians Update

Crowdfunding For Musicians is going to be a low-volume blog. There’s good stuff here and I’m going to add some more. But I haven’t gotten the response I needed to make this a core part of my day.

Crowdfunding For Musicians could be a big thing but DanceLand is going to be a big thing. Since I can’t do justice to both, it’s DanceLand all the way. I see a much bigger opportunity there.

Here’s a bit more on that if you’re interested:
On Launching DanceLand and My Background In Dance

Feel free to hit me up at clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com with news about crowdfunding and direct-to-fan funding and revenue.

Keep in mind that I don’t write about campaigns in progress unless they’re really big news. There are just too many good acts out there getting into crowdfunding and I’m not going to pick between projects if they don’t have something else to teach us.

Thumbnail image: “the audience is shaking” courtesy Martin Fisch.