Amanda Palmer On Letting Artists Choose Their Path & Why She Didn’t Self-Publish Her New Book

amanda-palmerThough Amanda Palmer got a certain amount of flak for crowdfunding much of it seemed to be from people who just didn’t like Amanda Palmer. But many artists are trying new things, including major stars, and it’s starting to seem like many of the most interesting experiments have to withstand critical attack at a time when the best way forward is unclear.

Writing for The Independent, Palmer discusses such uproar:

“It’s not anybody else’s choice or prerogative to dictate to an artist how they should and should not value their own time, energy and talent. When talking about artists who choose to give music away for free versus charging for it, or talking about artists who choose to live loudly in public versus those who wish to remain quieter in their dealings with their audience, we have to allow for every approach.”

“Show me a thousand artists and I’ll show you a thousand ways to do it. And whether it’s Trent Reznor’s decision to return to a major label, Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her content from Spotify, Thom Yorke’s decision to partner with BitTorrent, or your local garage band’s decision to use Kickstarter to fund their new recording session – it seems to me the only rule that means anything is: let the artist decide.”

So if Palmer’s all DIY and stuff, why didn’t she self-publish her new book? As she explains to Erin Keane for Salon:

‘I considered self-publishing the book and quite honestly, having run my own label, I knew enough about what kind of office I would need to run to publish my own book that I had no interest in running a publishing house. I really wanted to just make a deal and spend my time and energy writing the book and letting some other entity do the heavy lifting.”

“Quite honestly, that’s also why I signed with a major label, and had the major label actually committed to the relationship and done their job I never would have left. I signed because I didn’t want to spend my life running an office, I wanted to spend my life making art and touring and performing and connecting. I didn’t want to answer emails about distribution all day, it’s boring.”

Amanda Palmer is currently on tour promoting her new book “The Art of Asking.” I have more on that here.

[Image of Amanda Palmer snagged from her Twitter account.]