SXSW Music 2015 Panels On Direct-To-Fan Funding And Revenue

SXSW Music announced their initial picks for Artists and for Panels. Quite a few of the panels address topics related to direct-to-fan funding and revenue though light on the funding with no panel appearing devoted to crowdfunding. It will be interesting to see the final list with crowdfunding in mind.

Here are all the SXSW Music panels I could find that seem relevant to direct-to-fan funding and revenue:

Band:Smart: 50 ideas to make $100K more this year

Tour Merch: The most overlooked revenue in music

Show me the money, show me the fans!

Self-releasing for Success

New Ways for Artists to Make Money

Get Rid of Your Day Job: Create Full Time

Exposure vs. Revenue on YouTube: Must We Choose?

Controlling Content & Digital Distribution

Bootstrapping Strategies for Music Entrepreneurs

Be Your Own Label: Navigate Success on Your Terms