“New Music Channel” Gets Your Music Videos On DirectTV, Adds Unique Form Of Crowdfunding

new-music-channelNew Music Channel aka NMC.TV is an interesting development. It looks like a great opportunity to get your music videos on a new all music video channel available through DirectTV. There’s also a form of crowdfunding as support with Kickstarter-style pledge rewards. However it’s currently more an opportunity to buy stuff from the artist though the amount of bundles sold will apparently affect the ranking of music videos by New Music Channel.

New Music Channel looks promising though still getting its act together. The details can be found here.

Basically what these folks have planned is a 6 hour block of music video programming that’s then repeated 3 times to complete the day. They’re launching on DirectTV but will be seeking other outlets.

There’s no charge to be on the platform but there also appears to be no revenue sharing with New Music Channel’s revenue streams. That’s not a bad thing if they’re doing a good job of exposing artists and if fans respond to this approach.

In addition to exposure, viewers and fans can call in to a number shown on the screen or go to the New Music Channel site, find a band’s profile and purchase a “funding package”. Example: Scarlett Rabe.

Those with the most support for a particular week will be designated “Heavy Rotation Artists” and given extra exposure over the weekend, on the site and in special programming.

Are You Eligible For New Music Channel?

Artists can register for the site here which it looks like you’ll have to do before seeing a more detailed user agreement.

To be accepted you’ll have to have at least:

50,000 social media followers
music video of broadcast quality
8 music tracks from which to cut an album

Should You Sign Up Now?

I’m going to write more about evaluating new companies. A lot depends on what you’re planning to do with said new company.

If New Music Channel was a new crowdfunding site that focused on things like album campaigns, I’d say wait until they’ve proven themselves and have some successful campaigns under their belt. An album campaign or similar traditional crowdfunding effort is a major project and you need to make sure you’re working with a trusted partner.

But, unless they’re hiding unfair rights claims or other inappropriate demands in their terms of service or other agreements, then New Music Channel sounds like the kind of thing it’s worth getting in on early.

They’re letting a lot of people participate which means that before long there will be a lot of noise on the platform. In addition, early adopters will understand what’s working, what’s not and be able to adjust.

However I would consider it more a marketing opportunity at this point that does have the potential to move some goods in the name of fan support.