Music Crowdfunding News: Neil Young, Support Act, Snoop Dogg, Fanvesting, The Taxman, City Soiree

Neil Young Talks Pono, Crowdfunding & Music with Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer digs Neil Young. But does he dig the Pono? Check the video to find out.

Record-Breaking Crowdfunding Effort Raises $110K For Aussie Musos

Australian’s recently raised over $110k for Support Act, a charity that helps musicians facing financial need caused by “illness, injury or crisis.”

Snoop Dogg Aims to Raise $20K Via Crowdfunding Site for Des Moines Footballers

Only two days left in Snoop Dogg’s Tilt crowdfunding campaign to support the Inner City Urban Development league in Des Moines. It’s part of Snoop’s ongoing work with youth football which began a decade ago with the Snoop Youth Football League in LA.

Gotta be honest, as an early fan, I still find Snoop the Family Man to be an amazing transition. Kinda like Ice Cube.

Your Music Company’s “Fanvestors” to Receive Their First Royalty Check for Artist Investment

“Fanvesting” site Your Music Company is one of a small group of companies exploring a form of equity crowdfunding for singles and albums. They have a unique backstory as well:

“In 2011, renowned French singer/songwriter Yael Benamour teamed up with COO Christel Gidouin to bring their updated platform to the American market, selling off all of their possessions and moving to Los Angeles before receiving approval of their U.S. visas. Armed only with a business plan and their plane tickets, the two female entrepreneurs raised $1.2m in seed funding and opened an office in Century City, where they maintain their hands-on approach to developing the careers of each of YMC’s successfully funded artists.”

City of Durban to use crowdfunding to pull acts

The city of Durban, South Africa is using concert crowdfunding platform City Soiree to lure live music acts to their town.

Aussie Tax Office Wants 10% Of Whatever Musicians Crowdfund

Apparently there’s been some confusion around taxation of crowdfunding campaigns in Australia. Apparently attempts to treat pledges that are rewarded with various items or experiences as contributions are the target of government attention. Crowdfunding campaigns have always been taxable in the States but musicians haven’t always realized that to their later regret.