Music Crowdfunding News: Meow The Jewels, Rocket Fuel, Andrew Haug, Clowdy, Kickstarter

“Meow The Jewels: El-P Auditions Cats”

Meow The Jewels is happening

Honestly this should have been the subject of my first post after relaunching Crowdfunding For Musicians. El-P and Big Mike are releasing Run The Jewels 2 as a free download with a nutty range of merch/experience bundles and offerings that include remixing the album using nothing but cat sounds for $40,000. So a fan started a Kickstarter, it succeeded and now they’re making Meow The Jewels.

Rocket Fuel – What can a new Platform add to the world of Crowd-funding?

Over at Music Think Tank Ian Griffiths reviews Rocket Fuel, a new music crowdfunding platform.

Every Aussie Metal Fan Should Support This Crowdfunding Campaign

Andrew Haug launched a 24/7  digital metal station. He’s running a Pozible campaign to support it and, with 9 days to go, he’s well past his initial goal of $6,666.

Seedrs for Clowdy: invest in digital tech for the creative industry

Clowdy is running an equity crowdfunding campaign using Seedrs:
“Clowdy was created so that musicians, filmmakers and photographers could distribute any media type and collaborate in one place. By allowing and encourage all the arts from music, film, photography and beyond, we are opening up a new collaborative market that has not been possible before.”

Kickstarter Officially Opens to Crowdfunding Campaign Creators in Scandinavia & Ireland

Like the headline says.