Music Crowdfunding And Direct-to-Fan News: Cavo, Nemes, Phish, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Lots going on in the land of music crowdfunding and direct-to-fan. You may have seen a pic of Leah from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on the way to this blog post for whom a crowdfunding campaign is currently being conducted to help with her medical expenses.

Cavo talk about their connection to their fans. Neme discusses their multifaceted approach to album funding. And Phish launch a streaming mobile subscription service.

Cavo on Fan Support, Daughtry & The Power of Music

“The main reason we decided to do this record ourselves is because we are just tired of the constant outside influences from people who have a bottom line as their best interest. We wanted to make sure this record was the best collective piece of music that Cavo is capable of making, and we feel like we owe that to our fans, anything less should be unacceptable.”

How To Fund Your Own Full Length Album

Nemes: “This album was funded in 3 main ways:
The first, performing in the subway…
Second, we performed everywhere we could. And I mean everywhere…
The last thing we did for funding was turn to our fans.”

“We reached out on Kickstarter and asked our incredible supportive, generous fan base to help us make this piece of art. They came through in a way we never imagined and helped us raise more than 120% of our initial goal. Because of this we were able to get the album professionally mastered, pressed to vinyl, and duplicated with incredible CD packaging that showcases everything exactly the way we feel it should be experienced.”

Phish launch streaming subscription service LivePhish+

“They unveiled an updated version of their LivePhish app, which comes with the option of a new subscription service. Dubbed LivePhish+, a $9.99/month subscription (or $99.99 per year) will earn fans access to the entire LivePhish catalog, including recordings of recent shows, side-projects, studio albums, and any archival material.”

“Fans can opt to just use the basic LivePhish app free-of-charge. The app allows fans to stream already purchased music and create playlists.”

Bandmates of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Launch GoFundMe Campaign For Drummer’s Medical Expenses

“As some of you may know, Leah has a serious medical condition requiring brain surgery and months of recovery. Many of you have asked what you can do to help support her and help her get through this, and i think we should all put a dollar in the motorcycle helmet and pass it around. Motorcycle club members always help out fellow members and especially the President of the club, good heavens! All donations will go towards Leah’s surgery and recovery.”