Indiegogo’s Top 12 Music Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012

This Is Schematic

Indiegogo recently shared their picks for the Top 12 Music Campaigns of 2012. It’s a nice mix starting out with one from George Clinton:

Fundraiser for C Kunspyruhzy and What Production Studios

“The renowned king of funk, George Clinton, ran a very successful campaign (over 600 contributors) to upgrade his music studio and secure the rights to some of his classic music.”

The Banks House 2.0

“As the Banks House grew in popularity, its founders knew they would need to find a new space to share their music. The community helped them make it happen.”


“Four Brazilian guys randomly met in Barcelona, started performing Beatles songs together, and then decided to record an album in Italy with the help of Indiegogo.”

This Is Schematic

“You might recognize Dave Elkins from the band Mae. He ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to shakeup the music industry at the grassroots level.”

BeachGlow Concerts for Charity 2012

“This 17-year-old DJ started a project to raise money for breast cancer research through electronic concerts.”

The Glitch Soundtrack

“After the popular game Glitch closed down, fans wanted a way to remember the game. One of the game’s creators is helping people do just that by funding the soundtrack on Indiegogo.”

Cossbysweater’s Debut Album

“Watch it [the pitch video], and you’ll understand why 361 contributors helped them reach their goal!”

Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund Started by OneRepublic

“Unable to ignore the tragedy that recently occurred in Connecticut, OneRepublic started a campaign to bring relief to the affected families and community.”

Yossarian – Debut Album

“With another great concept for a pitch video, the fledgling English band Yossarian got their contributors involved in such a way that created a viral loop.”

Spock’s Beard — 11th Studio CD

“By offering exclusive perks they knew their fans would love, Spock’s Beard rolled well past their funding goal and toward its 11th album.”

Cherry Suede New Album, Song Book and Tour

“Crowdfunding experts — the two Randy’s of Cherry Suede — engaged their fans with a funny and informational pitch video and then made it even easier for contributors to help their project by offering incredible perks — like a chance to go on tour with the band!”

Djore & The Drills DD Tour Campaign

“These headbangers turned to crowdfunding to help finance their tour. They hit their goal…times 3.”