Launch & Release Kickstarter Profiles: 12/3 – 12/8

Today we introduce a new feature at Crowdfunding For Musicians, a weekly roundup of the Kickstarter campaign analysis posts from Launch & Release.


Lr-12-3-112/08 Your Music Kickstarter Recording Budget

Know your album budget inside and out before trying to choose your Kickstarter Goal Amount. Assess your minimum viable project (the smallest version of your project that you can live with) and then set Flex Goals with two or more tiers of success.


This Project Shows How NOT To Do a Flex Goal

When using a flex goal approach to increase your odds of success, be 100% sure to clearly communicate the flex goals you are using.


Drew Kennedy Connects Fans to His Art
Connect your fans to the artistic process making it a shared mission to raise your odds of success. Pay careful attention to communicating this connection in an explicit manner through your spoken and written words.


12/05 Can You Get Strangers to Back Your Band’s Kickstarter?

It’s possible to get pledges from strangers, but you need to be savvy and methodical for it to pay off. Know that the overwhelming majority of your pledges will be from people you’re already connected to.


How You Can Fund a Kickstarter Without a Mailing List

First, increase your marketing efficacy by carefully cultivating a trusting relationship with your fans. It doesn’t matter if you use email, Facebook, or smoke signals, this advice holds.



 12/03 Death of Paris-A Purpose Worth Backing

Carl says to prepare beforehand, treat it like a full time job, and reach out for tangible interaction. He also uses the flex goal strategy.