Kickstarter Joins PledgeMusic, IndieGoGo & RocketHub in Offering Music Crowdfunding in the UK

kickstarter-iconThe iconic crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is now accepting projects from the UK. Kickstarter announced the move three weeks ago and let folks start setting up campaigns at that point.

Today those campaigns began going live and a game was first up.

According to today’s announcement UK projects will be mixed in with US projects which establishes an approach that will likely continue when they start adding other countries. Given that the location-related information on the site is city-based and you have to search for the majority of cities by inputting the name this move may be a long-term negative on discoverability. Then again, you can’t depend on the platform for promotion so it might not really matter.

Note that “backers from anywhere in the world can pledge to any project on Kickstarter.” In addition, co-founder Yancey Strickler says they will be expanding to other nations soon.

For a few more details on Kickstarter in the UK please see the announcement.

Music Crowdfunding Competitors in the UK

PledgeMusic is probably the strongest contender in the music crowdfunding space for fanfunded album campaigns. In terms of ruling a niche, they are kings in that domain.

Kickstarter’s two biggest overall competitors are IndieGoGo and RocketHub, both of which are available globally as is PledgeMusic (double checking that now).

Kickstarter’s brand may well allow it to trump both IndieGoGo and RocketHub. But PledgeMusic has a powerful music-specific brand so Kickstarter should represent a chance to raise awareness of crowdfunding across the board.

However, PledgeMusic has an adamant stance that they are not a crowdfunding site. I consider it a counterproductive stance in that they don’t offer clear alternative terminology in a form that doesn’t sound like crowdfunding. But given that everybody outside of PledgeMusic will categorize them as a crowdfunding site, they should still benefit from raised awareness of crowdfunding.

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