Major Label Crowdfunding’s First Fail? BB King’s Box Set Limps Along [But Clears the Bar]

Pledge Video or Random Concert Footage?

[Update: With around 10 days to go before its official release, Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. B.B. King looks set to reach it’s goal.  Currently it’s at 99% at Pledge Music.  What I didn’t realize when I wrote the below post is that this release, which is also available at Amazon, would pretty much come out whether or not they did the campaign.  It’s basically a presale plus sales of related and smaller releases via a crowdfunding platform.  That’s part of the mix of rewards-based crowdfunding but somehow it’s hard to get excited about.]

Until I saw BB King’s PledgeMusic campaign for a major 10 cd box set, I hadn’t thought about major labels funding projects through crowdfunding. But Interscope artist BB King is doing just that with a boxed set campaign:

“Leading the way with a 10 CD, 194 track collection chronicling his entire career from his first recordings in 1949 through to his most recent studio album. Housed in a beautiful deluxe box including a 72 page silver gilded hardback book, featuring essays from Ashley Kahn and Dick Shurman. Also packed with glorious images and memorabilia, illustrating this incredible career.”

I’m not sure when they started but they’ve got 48 days left and only 14% of their pledge target reached. There seem to be some possible reasons for this poor response:

It’s a major label release that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of marketing support.

The “pledge video” is just some random concert footage.

No engaging images of the box set or other pledge rewards are visible on the site except as a still image before the video is played.

The campaign tiers are lackluster and uninviting other than for early delivery of a presale.

The album is also showing up on Amazon.

All in all a disappointing campaign from a major artist.