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I’m revamping Crowdfunding For Musicians but the main activity will be at Twitter. If you’d like a retweet for your Music Crowdfunding campaign, tweet @CrowdfundingM.

Want to guest post? DM me @CrowdfundingM on Twitter or email me at fluxresearch(at)gmail(dot)com

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For your consideration:

What Happens When We Recognize That Most NFTs Are CryptoArt and Evaluate the CryptoArt Market Accordingly?

@nonfungibles @AndrewSteinwold @zima_red


Check out DistroKid's "Marcel Generator" - free videos for your music, to post it on Instagram and whatnot 💪 https://distrokid.com/marcel/

CryptoArt Innovations from: @BardIonson, @GiselFlorez, @SkipperGemx, @luluixixix, @SpacedPainter, @LuchoPoletti, @fabinrasheed:

http://CryptoArtNet.com members are a busy bunch. Here's what artists like @xbrucethegoose, @blackboxdotart, @MattKaneArtist, @mlibty, @SpacedPainter, @Gala_Mirissa, @Ferris_Bullish, @MrMonkArt and @maxosirisart have been up to lately!


Does anyone else feel that live-streaming concerts should be ticketed* (even if it is a token amount)? I fear that the free/tip-jar streaming ‘concerts’ are rapidly devaluing performance and performers.† #artsandthepandemic [1/2]

"Twitch is growing as a platform for live music, which is now among its top 15 genres; report: Twitch users watched 27M hours of music in May, up 5X from Jan."


Just created a Twitter List of CryptoArtNet Artists:

Almost everybody has a Twitter account. Instagram seemed next most popular but Twitter is clearly #1.

Pro Tip: Check your http://CryptoArtNet.com links to make sure they're working properly!

Welcome to Origin City, where 3 cryptic souls embark on an audio/visual journey into the Metaverse.

Support our @gitcoin grant and put your city on the map with @vandigital , @KingMizoMadeIt & @djlethalskillz


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@mckmuze @fluxresearch @DAOrecords_ @achickwitbeatz @fanmix Are they actually doing anything?

Last Twitter post in January. Last Medium post in Nov 2019.

No new campaigns in 2020.

No, I'm not adding them.

@achickwitbeatz @DAOrecords_ Also: My @CrowdfundingM account is now focused more generally on DIY music and I'm following a number of blockchain/crypto music accounts there. So it's worth scrolling through my more recent follows.

Plus, there are a handful of relevant companies here:

Billboard have just put out an article about the execs at 75 companies championing artists success (without going through traditional power structures) #beatthesystemwithbeatchain https://bit.ly/2YI0kYy

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