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I’m revamping Crowdfunding For Musicians but the main activity will be at Twitter. If you’d like a retweet for your Music Crowdfunding campaign, tweet @CrowdfundingM.

Want to guest post? DM me @CrowdfundingM on Twitter or email me at fluxresearch(at)gmail(dot)com

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For your consideration:

What Happens When We Recognize That Most NFTs Are CryptoArt and Evaluate the CryptoArt Market Accordingly?

@nonfungibles @AndrewSteinwold @zima_red


Check out DistroKid's "Marcel Generator" - free videos for your music, to post it on Instagram and whatnot 💪 https://distrokid.com/marcel/

CryptoArt Innovations from: @BardIonson, @GiselFlorez, @SkipperGemx, @luluixixix, @SpacedPainter, @LuchoPoletti, @fabinrasheed:

http://CryptoArtNet.com members are a busy bunch. Here's what artists like @xbrucethegoose, @blackboxdotart, @MattKaneArtist, @mlibty, @SpacedPainter, @Gala_Mirissa, @Ferris_Bullish, @MrMonkArt and @maxosirisart have been up to lately!


Does anyone else feel that live-streaming concerts should be ticketed* (even if it is a token amount)? I fear that the free/tip-jar streaming ‘concerts’ are rapidly devaluing performance and performers.† #artsandthepandemic [1/2]

"Twitch is growing as a platform for live music, which is now among its top 15 genres; report: Twitch users watched 27M hours of music in May, up 5X from Jan."


Just created a Twitter List of CryptoArtNet Artists:

Almost everybody has a Twitter account. Instagram seemed next most popular but Twitter is clearly #1.

Pro Tip: Check your http://CryptoArtNet.com links to make sure they're working properly!

Welcome to Origin City, where 3 cryptic souls embark on an audio/visual journey into the Metaverse.

Support our @gitcoin grant and put your city on the map with @vandigital , @KingMizoMadeIt & @djlethalskillz


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@mckmuze @fluxresearch @DAOrecords_ @achickwitbeatz @fanmix Are they actually doing anything?

Last Twitter post in January. Last Medium post in Nov 2019.

No new campaigns in 2020.

No, I'm not adding them.

@achickwitbeatz @DAOrecords_ Also: My @CrowdfundingM account is now focused more generally on DIY music and I'm following a number of blockchain/crypto music accounts there. So it's worth scrolling through my more recent follows.

Plus, there are a handful of relevant companies here:

Billboard have just put out an article about the execs at 75 companies championing artists success (without going through traditional power structures) #beatthesystemwithbeatchain https://bit.ly/2YI0kYy

This free music promotion guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to establish yourself on the two vital streaming platforms, Spotify and SoundCloud and why you need to understand the role each plays in the industry. https://buff.ly/2sK2tqL 😎

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