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I’m revamping Crowdfunding For Musicians but the main activity will be at Twitter. If you’d like a retweet for your Music Crowdfunding campaign, tweet @CrowdfundingM.

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At the start of 2020 MIDiA predicted Spotify would finish 2020 with 154 million subscribers. It finished with 155 million. Not too shabby 🙂 @midiaresearch

🎇 @decentralgames have been supporting the arts (giving our Emanate Pro Connect DJ's a weekly slot) - Now they're about to unveil something pretty exciting in @decentraland 👀 https://twitter.com/decentralgames/status/1355640783777492993

Decentral Games - Be The House@decentralgames

Something never done before is coming... @Cryptanzee $DG

Listening to "The Sound of a Memory" with tears in my eyes.

This was the last song on People Under the Stairs' final album 'Sincerely, The P.'

Listen to the lyrics.


If the buzz word in this space is Decentralization why are we still following (or seeking) the same start-up funding models?

Makes me think this whole idea of community governance and user-owned platforms is just a facade.

This is very true.

I've been building Micro-Chop for four and half years and writing Micro-Chop articles consistently the entire time.

It's still a challenge to get people to engage with my writing, no matter how many threads I do or how many people subscribe to the newsletter. https://twitter.com/natelege_/status/1341522349523431426

Natelegé Whaley@natelege_

Im all for the indie and subscription models, however let’s address the labor issues here first cause as someone who has always blogged indie on the side, building a platform is not an overnight instant thing. It’s more work!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year❤️

Thank you guys for using Show4me in 2020 and we hope to bring you great things in 2021🤗 Happy holidays and a magic New Year✨

1) #ChristmasFlipChallenge

A quick breakdown of a special Micro-Chop challenge for the holiday season.


Crowdfunding Music and the COVID Crisis:


Looking forward to more experimenting building social features "around" the streaming services. I really enjoyed what we were able to accomplish on the @FutureIslands campaign and can't wait to expand on this. https://leemartin.medium.com/how-many-fans-does-it-take-to-unlock-an-album-stream-39b3456ed639

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