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I’m revamping Crowdfunding For Musicians but the main activity will be at Twitter. If you’d like a retweet for your Music Crowdfunding campaign, tweet @CrowdfundingM.

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lots of new musicians to the blockchain space think there is free magic money out there waiting to be grabbed and forget the importance of genuine fan engagement and promoting their music from that platform and driving their listeners to it and engaging with the community is key

Concert Crowdfunding and Music Monetization Hub @show4me_ Updates Service, Releases Mobile App


However I did start tracking web projects connecting crypto and music in my early days of trying to understand crypto through my @crowdfundingm Twitter account and now outdated Crowdfunding For Musicians resources page:


I'll try to update that!

It's true! Bandcamp Live is a new ticketed live streaming service integrating merch and everything else you love about Bandcamp. Read more here:

For your consideration:

What Happens When We Recognize That Most NFTs Are CryptoArt and Evaluate the CryptoArt Market Accordingly?

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Check out DistroKid's "Marcel Generator" - free videos for your music, to post it on Instagram and whatnot 💪 https://distrokid.com/marcel/

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