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I’m revamping Crowdfunding For Musicians but the main activity will be at Twitter. If you’d like a retweet for your Music Crowdfunding campaign, tweet @CrowdfundingM.

Want to guest post? DM me @CrowdfundingM on Twitter or email me at fluxresearch(at)gmail(dot)com

~ Clyde F. Smith – Crowdfunding For Musicians Founder ~

This is very true.

I've been building Micro-Chop for four and half years and writing Micro-Chop articles consistently the entire time.

It's still a challenge to get people to engage with my writing, no matter how many threads I do or how many people subscribe to the newsletter. https://twitter.com/natelege_/status/1341522349523431426

Natelegé Whaley@natelege_

Im all for the indie and subscription models, however let’s address the labor issues here first cause as someone who has always blogged indie on the side, building a platform is not an overnight instant thing. It’s more work!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year❤️

Thank you guys for using Show4me in 2020 and we hope to bring you great things in 2021🤗 Happy holidays and a magic New Year✨

1) #ChristmasFlipChallenge

A quick breakdown of a special Micro-Chop challenge for the holiday season.


Crowdfunding Music and the COVID Crisis:


Looking forward to more experimenting building social features "around" the streaming services. I really enjoyed what we were able to accomplish on the @FutureIslands campaign and can't wait to expand on this. https://leemartin.medium.com/how-many-fans-does-it-take-to-unlock-an-album-stream-39b3456ed639

If you’re an artist, creative professional, or gig worker interested in building local political power in NYC to address the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, don’t miss out on this event tomorrow organized by local artists and activists. ✊ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-political-power-for-artists-creatives-and-gig-workers-tickets-131422585491

Just dropped a surprise remix competition on @AudiusProject

Fold by @GrahamMalice ft. @DinoNoirTX Produced by ME!

Cutoff December 21st

1st place: $150
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $50


Do You Have a Fan Token?


Can you help a PhD student and potentially make $10? Please take my survey on equity crowdfunding. Click here for more info: https://iu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6zftbYEbjxa8tRH @wefunder

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